nothing fun

IMG_5276 (1)

In case you were wondering, nothing fun has been coming out of the kitchen lately. After we ate our way through the vat of soup I made last week, I promptly came down with a cold that put me in the bed for three days. The only time I left the house and the bed or couch was to procure the above pictured medicines and home remedy voo-doo. I’ve eaten my way through 1.5 heads of garlic the past three days, and while it may or may not have kept the sickness at bay, it definitely kept every one else at bay. That juice pictured in the top left is a mixture of orange, grapefruit, ginger and lemon which is as intense as it sounds but really really helps. Lots of tea, lots of lemon, lots of chicken broth and a night cap of NyQuil. mm-mmm. I’m on the mend, thankfully.

More recipes coming, as soon as I can smell and taste food again.


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