my favorite book in 2016 / we are losing our empathy / not a food post.

2016 was quite the year for me/us. I’m surprised I had time to read much of anything other than blog posts on How To Not Freak Out Every Day Waiting To Hear Back From Graduate School Admissions Committees, or, How To Travel Safely In The Car With Your Cats (the internet is a murky, murky place my friends).

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the books I (completely) read in 2016

But, as pictured above, that’s the stack of books I managed to start and actually finish last year. (Rest assured there is another stack of books I picked up and haven’t gotten around to finishing yet)

I wanted to take a break from the regular programming here and talk about my favorite book in the stack, or, rather, the book that had the biggest impact on me (so it’s kind of both). That is the book on the bottom:¬†Reclaiming Conversation¬†by Sherri Turkle. I’ve mentioned it to friends and family, so if you’re real life related to me, you might have heard me mention it or seen me luging it around, as its a hefty 362 pages.

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