lemon tart / some things i’ve learned



(before anyone panics, the knife pictured above is exceedingly dull)

There has been a lot of information entering my brain lately. I suppose that’s an occupational hazard of graduate school, but not all that information has been coming strictly from the¬†classroom.

I’m here (“here” being more of a marker in time, not so much a location) to study food, how it affects the body; how what you eat, how much you eat, and how you prepare it all changes your body for better, or worse. To continue using a turn of phrase, our bodies are essentially married to food in a way: not eating will eventually kill us, eating too much can do that too.

And while I’m learning a lot about metabolism, how the body uses vitamins and minerals, what foods and how much are appropriate for which stage of life, I’m also learning things that I didn’t expect.

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