I’m Rachel and I don’t like artichokes. Or eggplants.

Welcome to Shared Feast! This is a blog about cooking, eating and sharing. Julia Child said “It’s fun to get together and have something good to eat at least once a day. That’s what human life is about – enjoying things.” Not only do I agree, but I also believe some of the best friendships and community happen when you share food with others.

What you’ll (mostly) see here: Lots of recipes. Probably lots of obsession about making things yourself. Maybe some cat pictures. Stories about the food I’ve made and how I’ve shared it with others. Links to other people who I think are smart, who also believe in good food and great company. I’ll talk about how I try to make seasonal, nutritious food that makes your body feel good. And then, there will be other days where I talk about how red wine and chocolate with popcorn are what’s for dinner because = adult life is hard. And occasionally I’ll write about some culture related stories I think are interesting that don’t have a lot to do with eating or cooking.

Basically, what makes me the happiest is when I get to cook a meal for my friends and family. Lets play with the ingredients, smell the herbs, savor the flavors, sip the wine. Let’s laugh, share, eat and talk. Food can bring friends together like not much else can.

And then you can do the dishes!

Credit for the top photo, with the balloons: W+E. I take all my own photos, unless noted otherwise, like right there ^^^