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When I think about mayonnaise, I think about my childhood. My dad would (still?) smear a generous spoonful on a slice of white bread and top it with a fat piece of ripened tomato. As a child too old for such things, I would stick my index finger in a tub of mayo and lick it clean as if it were brownie batter. I consumed over the years what (I’m sure) has added up to be gallons of mayonnaise laden tuna salad, still a staple at my parents house. My Gran-Gran would make burgers in her tiny kitchen on top of the smallest, greasiest fire-hazard of a gas stove and somehow, mayonnaise seemed to be the main ingredient. I have no idea if she made the condiment herself or bought it at the store, but the pieces of beef were just the things in between the web of mayonnaise. She would serve them on one of those white, store bought buns with a thick piece of tomato (tomato for her, none for me) and it was bizarrely delicious. The beef was charred and a bit caramelized, the mayonnaise adding a burst of tanginess that kept the burger juicy and flavorful. I still do not understand the feat of culinary chemistry that was the mayonnaise burger, but it lives in infamy with all the colorful memories of my grandmother.

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how to make pie crust


Make your own pie crust. Just do it.

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Homemade pie crust is one of those things that make people feel fancy. Decadent. Spoiled. Because it is sold ready-made in grocery stores, it makes home bakers feel like it is somehow out of their reach. “That’s too serious for me, I’m not a serious baker.” you might think. Or, “That has to be difficult. I’ve got enough difficult things in my life, thank you very much.”

Wrong! Homemade pie crust is not too serious for you, and it is not difficult! You can do it! Think Rosie the Riveter.

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