Julia Child’s house is for sale – who wants to buy it for me?

Because, you know, Christmas is coming. And you can read about it here. It’s only $880,000, which seems like a steal, considering that its Julia freaking Child’s house! Of course its in France and its perfect and there are olive trees and lavender and a perfect village nearby. It comes with her kitchen preserved in perfect Julia style. I just realized I used the word perfect three (now 4 times) and it didn’t feel redundant because: Julia Child.

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ve only ever made a couple of her recipes. But her entire being, her personality, her quirks, her story, the way she was a pioneer for the world of cooking and how she put herself on a stage for everyone to see while she did it and remained perfectly herself- it’s just great. I’ve always felt that she was so brave, and she’s one of my role model cooks. The travesty that is the Foodnetwork, with all its wanna be sexy reality TV cooking shows that I hate (their last quality broadcast was Good Eats, may it RIP) can’t hold a candle to Julia and her fantastic cooking show. And that’s all it was about, a show about cooking. There wasn’t any need for flashes or bangs or plot twists. And it was excellent.

Anyway. Here’s a photo of my adorable cat displaying exactly how I felt about getting out of bed today:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Happy Weekending.


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